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The Best Ways to Use LastSwab in Your Makeup Routine
February 2, 2023 · Monika Harah

The Best Ways to Use LastSwab in Your Makeup Routine

Breaking a habit can be hard, and especially when it’s something so mundane that we simply do it without thinking.

Taking a cotton swab, wetting the tip a bit and swiping it across the eyelid to remove mascara is so second nature it’s basically muscle memory and we do it on autopilot (like pouring that glass of wine, kicking off our slippers, putting our phone in the freezer and so on).

But the amounts of swabs we use to get our makeup perfect can easily pile up. Imagine how many you’d use in a day. Now imagine a year… When we designed LastSwab Beauty Trio Pro, we wanted to make it even better than the single-use swabs so that swapping would be so much easier.

And now you can do so much more than just smudge or sharpen your look. Elevate it to the next level. Here are some of our top not-so-secret-but-not-so-obvious tips:

Apply that bling!
Want to have a bedazzled look with crystals or beads? Face gems is a great way to glam up any look. Use the LastSwab Beauty Trio Pro and the pointy tip, and you’ll see how easy it is. Even Ru Paul would be impressed.

Create ‘em freckles
Freckles are irresistibly cute. Luckily, you can create your own, and with the right technique they will look all natural. Use the pointy tip of LastSwab Beauty Trio Pro, dip it in a bit of brown or taupe eyeshadow and start applying to your skin. Finish with a setting spray for a long-lasting effect.

Keep it clean
If you use cream-based makeup, you might be used to putting your fingers in the jar for application. This passes bacteria which is not a great thing. Keep the swabs closeby and use them instead to get the product you want.

Stick the lipstick
This might be one of our most pro tips ever. If you want your lipstick to last longer, add a bit of powder to your swab and gently dab on top of the lipstick. This will set it in place and keep it from bleeding. Transluscent setting powder is our go-to for this.

So next time you use LastSwab Beauty Trio Pro, think of all the creative ways you can use the swabs. And next time you use a single-use swab, think of LastSwab Beauty Trio Pro, and then go buy it. Just kidding. Kind of.