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"I don't have to worry about leaks and bad smells anymore!"


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"LastPad is leakproof, super soft and super absorbent!"


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"I no longer worry about leakage issues or being uncomfortable!"


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Something Doesn’t Pad Up

Did you know that on average, women have 494 menstrual cycles? That’s about 40 years of having to deal with it. And then you realize that’s four decades of having to pay for all of this. Not cool. On average you’ll spend around $10 monthly, if we count $0,5 per pad and 20 pads per cycle. With 494 cycles, yup, that’s $4.940 in a lifetime! That is equivalent to 9.880 single-use pads. Ouch!

A Bit Better - For You & Mother Earth

Easy Breezy

So, you’re thinking about making your period more environmentally friendly? Amazing! Switching is easier than you might think. After you’ve used the pad, store it in the pouch. When you do your laundry, take the pad out and wash with your clothes without softener at a low temperature.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Choose between our three sizes to find the best fit for you, or buy one of our kits to try a combination. The smallest pad is perfect for your days with lighter flow. The medium pad is a great everyday pad for when you’re working or doing sports. The large pad is for those days with heavy flow when you need all the protection you can get

Keep It With You

With every pad you purchase comes a practical pouch to carry it. You can store the pad in the pouch and bring it with you in case of unexpected surprises.

After you’ve used the pad, the pouch comes in extra handy. Choose between our six signature colors to find your favorite.

The Cost of Having Your Period Is Almost Worse Than Having Your Period

Did you know that on average, women have 494 menstrual cycles? That’s about 40 years of having to deal with all the hassle that goes with it. From the sweet sensation of having a sharp object repeatedly poked in your abdomen, to changing your sanitary product a gazillion time a day so you don’t have to worry about any leakage, to the urge to shove ALL the chocolates in your mouth while ugly-crying to Bridget Jones. We’re happy to admit this is how we roll once a month.

Most Common Questions

  • For how long can I wear LastPad?

    As you would a normal pad.

  • How do I wash my LastPad?

    Make sure the velcro is closed, place them in a laundry bag and wash them at cold degrees in the washing machine. Air dry.

  • Will LastPad create any odor

    The top layer is made of antibacterial polyester. This material helps reduce any odor-causing bacteria and fungi.

  • What do i do if the Velcro scratches my thighs?

    Be sure to place the velcro precisely above each other or slightly apart so what sticks out is the soft side of the velcro.

  • What are they made from (and why)?

    The top layer is made of silky-soft, antibacterial polyester. This material helps reduce any odor-causing bacteria and fungi and keeps the integrity of the fabric intact. It is comfortable against the skin and will make sure your skin stays smooth and fresh. The middle layer is a blend of polyester and bamboo. It helps transport moisture away from your skin, and holds the liquid over 2 times better than even the highest absorbing cotton. The bottom layer is made of TPU so that you never again have to worry about any leaks. The material keeps the liquid inside.

  • How are they different from other reusable pads on the market?

    The three layers together make LastPad the safest and most comfortable pad you can find. Easy to have on go with the leak proof pouch and with the silicon strip in the back it won't glide around in your panties.

  • How many pads will I need?

    Depending on your flow, we recommend at least 3 pads a day. If you wash halfway way through your period you only need half the amount of pads

  • How much fluid can LastPad hold?

    The pads can hold the double amount of its single use equivalent. Small 8ml, Medium 12ml and Large 16ml

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Switching from single-use pads is a small effort, but totally worth it. Learn more about how it works, and why it's a better option for both you and the environment.

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The Story of LastPad

LastPad was designed with Mother Earth in mind. Billions of feminine hygiene products pollute the oceans, so we created a pad that makes switching to a sustainable period easier.

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