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Hand Wash Refill

Created with Hyaluronic Acid and perfect combination of ingredients leaving your skin hydrated and well-nourished. Comes with 2 refills.
Created with Hyaluronic Acid and perfect combination of ingredients leaving your skin hydrated and well-nourished. Comes with 2 refills.
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*about 1 powder refill per person per month

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Reduces Plastic Waste
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Clean Formula, Clean Planet, Clean Hands.

We are dedicated to ensuring our items are not only effective but also safe and beneficial for both human health and the environment.

How it works?

Fill & Pour

Fill the bottle with warm water. Then pour the powder from the pouch into the bottle.

Shake & Wait

Shake the bottle for 30 seconds. Let the bottle sit for 30 mins to fully desolve. Enjoy.

Watch it in action


The minimalist design of the dispenser adds a sleek touch to my bathroom, while the hand wash's quality reassures me it's gentle yet effective.


Appreciate the convenience and environmental impact of this hand wash. Its refillable design means less waste, and it's easy to use every day.


Eco-conscious and effective, this hand wash leaves my hands feeling clean without any harsh chemicals or plastic waste. A simple, sustainable choice.

How do we stack up

Best liquid soaps
No single-use plastic bottle
Compact to save space
Weight needing to be shipped~ 21 g~ 300 g
Hydrates your skin
No unwanted chemicals

LastObject's innovative refill collection, prioritizing quality while minimizing plastic waste.

With a focus on skin health and comfort, our formulations are kind on the skin, AllergyCertified, Dermatologically tested, and free from dyes and fragrances - perfect for the whole family.

Stop Plastic Waste. Stop Shipping Water.

Choosing to refill and reuse primarily helps in cutting down on single-use plastic consumption. Additionally, it offers the convenience of using tap water to mix products at home, eliminating the need to carry heavy, pre-mixed products.

This approach sidesteps the environmental concerns associated with transporting water-heavy items, focusing instead on the practical benefits of reducing plastic waste and simplifying your shopping.

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