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World Goes 'Round Kit Bundle Test EN LastObject World Goes 'Round Kit
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World Goes 'Round Kit

A kit containing 21 soft, home-compostable, and reusable rounds, 1 case made from recycled Ocean Bound Plastic, and our practical Laundry Bag that keeps the rounds safe and collected in the washing machine.

LastPadKit Bundle LastObject Blue 2-Pack WatermarkLastPadKit Bundle LastObject Black 2-Pack Watermark
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Beauty Kit Bundle LastObject Blue Ultimate watermarkBeauty Kit Bundle LastObject Black Ultimate watermark
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The Ultimate baby kit LastObject Turquoise
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BabyKit Bundle LastObject Ultimate Turquoise WatermarkBabyKit Bundle LastObject Turquoise Essential Watermark
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Baby Kit

Meet the Baby Essential Kit. A thoughtful blend of LastSwab Baby, LastTissue Pack, and 6 LastTissue refills. Designed with your little one in mind, it provides a sustainable and gentle solution for your baby's needs.