Baby Kit - Ultimate

Upgrade to eco-friendly essentials with our set including LastSwab Baby, LastTissue Pack & Box, and LastRound Large, plus 3 LastTissue refills for a total of 42 soft, organic cotton handkerchiefs. Ideal for those seeking to integrate green alternatives into their daily routine, our set ensures you're equipped with durable, reusable solutions for a variety of needs.
LastSwab Baby, LastTissue Pack & Box, 18 refills, and LastRound large.
Save money & the environment
Domestic & plastic-free delivery
The Sustainable Material Choice

Why Choose a Baby Kit?

Soft as a Lullaby

Our Baby Kits offer products that are as gentle on your baby's skin as they are on the environment, providing soft and efficient care for your little one's needs.

Save Money & Meet All Baby Needs

Utilizing our LastObject products to their full potential can save substantial money compared to purchasing single-use baby items. Our kits include a variety of necessary items, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for your baby's care.

Preserve Our Forests & Minimize Waste

Our Baby Kit combats deforestation and waste by replacing disposable items with sustainable alternatives. It's a choice that respects nature, conserves water, and minimizes waste, all while providing gentle care for your baby.

Complete Baby Care

With LastSwab Baby and LastTissue included, our Baby Kits ensure you have all the sustainable tools necessary for a comprehensive and eco-friendly baby care routine. Care for your baby while caring for the environment.