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How to Affect Change in this World
June 16, 2021 · Aaron Burr

How to Affect Change in this World

Changing the world is up to all of us as individuals to do what we can to make changes in our lives and actions. But as we do what we can in our own lives for the betterment of the world and/or our own happiness, many of us find ourselves wanting to contribute more, in other ways.

But, most of us aren’t in positions of great power, or so we think. Not all of us are government officials, or lawyers, or executives, able to affect the lives of thousands. But do we have to be in these positions in order to really affect change?

The truth is, we can’t definitively conclude how much of an impact our actions have on the world, and on others who are a part of it. So, how could we sell ourselves short simply because we aren’t in one of these positions?

What does the world need?

what does the world need?


The world needs people doing what they do best, whatever that may be. As long as it isn't harmful to others or the planet, the world needs us to do what we love, what we take pride in, and what we excel at. Every single one of us is in a unique position to have an impact on the world. It may not appear to have an impact in the traditional sense, but it is still incredibly meaningful. 

Because the truth is the issues of sustainability and the environment are deeply rooted in a plethora of different causes. And maybe some of those causes are happening because of us choosing to sacrifice our passions in order to “make it” or appear “successful.” Anyone have a clear definition of success? It’s a lot like happiness in that it is subjective. And just like happiness, success is often self determined.

The world needs happy people, not necessarily people in power. It needs more people pursuing their risky endeavors of art, or business, or underwater basket weaving, if that is what they love. As opposed to choosing the safe route.

We don’t need to be CEO’s, or government officials, or gods in order to inspire and create change in this world. We just need to be brave. The world needs us to figure out what we are good at, what we love, and pursue that unapologetically and unwaveringly.

What is your way?

what is your way?


This sounds broad, I know. But not all of us are in positions to directly relate our work to the environment, although maybe a lot of us are. But we don’t need to be in order to help it. Because there are many issues in this world, and they are all tethered to one another. And therefore, working towards one, will undoubtedly affect the other. 

For some, such as the founder of LastObject, Isabel, that could look like  starting a business that designs products which provide useful and sustainable alternatives to devastating single use items. For others it could actually be the aforementioned higher positions. Or it could be something like social work, painting, cooking, acting, sales, customer service, a tour guide, a barber. The list goes on. 

Just as focusing on our health and own well being before focusing on the planet sounds counterproductive but isn’t, so too is finding our passion despite its relation to the planet. Because everything is related to the planet. And the earth wouldn’t want us to take up a position related to the environment if it weren’t our greatest passion to do so. We can bring far more to the world through the things that we love, as opposed to what we think the world needs. 

Find your passion. Find your own power. Find your medicine to give to the world, and give it. We can’t do it without you, nor would we want to. See you out there in the world.