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Sustainable Summer Essentials
June 10, 2022 · Linnea Noelli

Sustainable Summer Essentials

It’s June, and in Australia, that means winter, but luckily over here, it’s the beginning of summer. The summer comes with a lot of fun (at least for those who prefer lazy beach days over snowflakes), but with all the picnics, weekend trips, long holidays, and festivals, it puts a big strain on the environment with copious amounts of trash. Let’s make this summer a little sunnier and greener together by choosing sustainable alternatives to our favorite items. 

Choose Reusable Bags  

Beach Bag


Beach totes are the perfect eco-friendly bag to bring all of your essentials to the beach (yes, even that bottle of rosé), and it can also double as your grocery or store bag. There’s nothing worse than getting caught in a store without one, so make sure to always bring yours along. 

Only Wear Reef-Safe Sunscreen   



Did you know that sunscreen can seriously damage the reefs and environment? While it keeps you safe from skin cancer and burns, it can actually be very harmful to wildlife. Make sure you always use sunscreen that has been certified as safe to use for both you and the reefs. 

Refill and Refuel With Reusable Bottles 

Reusable water bottles


BYOB no longer stands for Bring Your Own Beer but Bring Your Own (reusable) Bottle. If you decide to fill it with cold beer for those warm summer days, good for you. Whatever you decide to put in it, a reusable bottle is a lifesaver. It’s perfect at home, on the beach, for travel days (bring it on the airplane and fill it up before your flight), and whenever you need some extra hydration. 

Add Biodegradable Sparkle   



Festivals must be one of the most wonderful things about summer. The vibes, the music, the never-ending parties. And what is a festival without adding ALL the glitter? But glitter is usually made from plastic, so it leaves a trail of disaster once the festival is over and nature has to pay the price. Use a biodegradable non-plastic glitter instead, and get your sparkle on! 

Bring Your Beauty Essentials 



If you’re already a LastObject fan (we love you too!), then you can easily bring your favorite products on your next vacation. Pack your LastSwab, LastRound or LastTissue to always be ready for beauty routines. Personally, we always have a pack of LastTissue on those summer holidays or beach days to wipe off sweat and sand.