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Why the 'More Often' Actions can Matter most
October 8, 2020 · Aaron Burr

Why the 'More Often' Actions can Matter most

Taking an entire 🛢barrel of oil and dumping it into a river or lake would have much more of a negative impact than using one cotton swab, cotton round, or tissue, even if those things were to be littered into the same environment. 

This is a strange statement to make, given the whole point of LastObject is to provide reusable alternatives to these things, but hear us out. 👂

The reality is, our day to day actions usually don’t involve dumping a barrel of oil into a body of water, or at least we sure hope it doesn’t! However, our day to day does involve things like maybe cleaning our ears, removing makeup, blowing our nose, eating, drinking water, commuting, the list goes on.

Because these things are in our day to day, they tend to add up both in a physical footprint sense as well as a mental one.

cute little girl brushing her teeth


And potentially, with certain things, those day to day actions can surpass even the impact of a spilled barrel of oil. But the good news is, most of us haven’t dumped a barrel of there isn’t really anything to surpass!

🚰If we need to drink water every day, we will need to have some way to drink that water. This usually comes in the form of a bottle or a cup. If we are drinking our water with a single use cup or bottle for however many times we should be during the day, this will add up rather quickly.

If we are to eat a very resource heavy meal for as much as we eat in a day, that will add up quickly too.

Same for certain things that LastObject is trying to replace, like cotton swabs, tissues, or cotton rounds for removing makeup. Those things will add up, whether that be in the form of polluting natural environments or resource demand to make these products.⚡️💦

But these things also add up mentally.🧠 If we are starting our day, going about our day, and ending our day with actions that are wasteful or causing unnecessary harm, those actions become...or have been, our normal.

Usually if we are wasteful in certain areas of our lives, this makes us wasteful in others as well.

And waste aside, if we are aware of the impacts of our actions and are stuck in these habits, this carries a weight on our shoulders that is rather uncomfortable. Because our actions are not aligned with our values or beliefs.

A meal is rather small, a water bottle is too. And how can something like a cotton swab make a difference, or even a tissue?

last swab 2


Well remember when we talked about the argument against I’m just one person?

The same applies for one water bottle, one meal, or one tissue. At what point have we made an impact? Or in this case at how many 🌮meals or cotton rounds have we made a difference? 

Since the number is ultimately up to us, why not applaud ourselves for even just one, and then strive for saving millions. 

Because in no time, the footprint of a cotton swab will 📈triple, quadruple, quintuple, and all the other tuples out there.

And before we know it, we’ll come to understand that we should have changed these small every day actions long, long ago.🍀