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Introducing our Mini E-Book!

We hope you all are doing okay mentally and physically while we adjust to our new reality for now. Now is the best time to remind ourselves that we don’t have to be “productive” all the time. We can and should take lots of time for ourselves, especially now.

For when we finish the entirety of Netflix, or try all the ice cream available at our grocery store, maybe it would be a nice time to learn a little bit.

Most of us care deeply about the planet, but not all of us have convenient access to the useful facts associated with the state of the planet.

That's where our little e-book can help get you started!

The purpose of this e-book isn’t to get anyone down with sad facts, but if anyone is looking to learn some more and find more direction in the sustainability movement, this is perfect!

We go over five major areas that are rather essential to the health of the planet and the people on it. These facts are sourced from Yale’s Environmental Protection Index, or EPI. 

The five areas we look at are:




Essential for biodiversity, we need trees to breathe, to filter water, to protect from the elements, to prevent erosion, and more! Trees are under threat and we will go over the specific numbers of just how much in our e-book. 



Drinking Water!

drinking water


It is sad to hear that in this modern day there are still thousands without drinking water. However, you’ll actually be very happy to see how much the numbers have improved over the years when it comes to drinking water. This is a success story that we all need to hear right about now. 






Air pollution is responsible for many deaths and health problems around the world. And while it seems like it would be an isolated problem, we are beginning to learn just how connected our atmosphere truly is. 




Waste water


Interconnected with drinking water, and having a major potential to impact it, wastewater is an important issue that we all need to know more about. Sanitation is essential to preventing disease. It is also an integral part of equality and economic development. 






Did you know the oceans actually produce oxygen and store carbon? And a lot of it! Fish, water quality, and vegetation are all essential parts of ocean life. And effecting fish life, whether it be in oceans, streams, or lakes, will affect the entire ecosystem. 


What’s a better gift than the gift of knowledge? Other than chocolate. That was the exact thinking behind creating this little e-book that we want to share with our amazing community. 

We do hope you enjoy these essential pieces of information.

Let’s all do our best to advance our knowledge and learning. This way we can better stay on track while also helping guide the direction of the sustainability movement. 

Keep learning, keep relaxing, and keep shining your light, because light is exactly what we need when we are in the dark. 

Thank you so much for your continued support and for being a part of the LastObject community. 


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