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Make Your Own Dryer Sheets
May 12, 2022 · Amaninder kaur

Make Your Own Dryer Sheets

When Laundry Day is Your Favorite Day of the Week

The feeling of crawling into bed when the sheets have just been washed is almost unparalleled. Notes of pink peony, sweet orange, and honeysuckle make it feel like you’re cuddling a field of flowers, and you just can’t resist diving nose-first into the heavenly cloud of duvets and pillows. There is a reason candle makers around the globe are creating fragrances like “laundry day”, “just folded”, and our favorite, “clean cotton”. Fresh laundry has magnetic power over us, and we’re the first to admit we love it! What if there was a way to intensify every whiff, long beyond the first few precious hours?

Let us tell you what we know in two small words. We will whisper them.

Dryer sheets.

What Are Dryer Sheets?

It’s a piece of fabric, lightly soaked in softener, that you add with your clothes and bed linens when you toss them into the dryer. Out comes something less static but softer and more fragrant than you can imagine. But did you know that you can make your own dryer sheets and that it is much more sustainable, easier, and cheaper than buying them at the store? You can save money already from the first load, and they will last for as long as the fabric holds up. Using them over and over again means they don’t go straight to landfills, so it’s better both for you and for the environment. 

To make it even sweeter, you can make them with your favorite scents, whether you prefer the richness of oriental essences, the soft kisses of tropical flowers, or the effervescent tang of citrus. If you don’t want to use a fabric softener, there is an eco-friendly, natural, and homemade alternative using vinegar. 

The Magic Behind It

Dryer sheets are typically made from non-woven, synthetic fabrics or natural fibers. Their magic lies in balancing out negatively charged atoms that dance around in your appliance. They catch the static particles and turn your clothes into non-clingy, flowing dreams. If you’ve never tried dryer sheets, this will be your first wow moment. Just let the garment pass through your fingers, and you will feel the difference right away. Unlike liquid softeners that need to be added in the wash, dryer sheets can be added at any time during the drying process.

Dryer Sheets With Softener

The process of creating your dryer sheets is simple and only takes a few minutes. There are two easy steps.

Step 1. To start, you need your favorite softener and something to dip in it, like fabric or a washcloth. You can use your LastTissue or LastRound instead of fabric and then store them in their case.

Step 2. Simply soak your sheet of choice in the softener until it’s fully saturated. Ring out the excess of each sheet and allow them dry before storing them. Simple as that.

Dryer Sheets With Vinegar

Creating your own eco-friendly, homemade version is just as easy. Vinegar can be used to replace the softener and is completely chemical-free. It will naturally soften your clothes, and the smell will dissipate once it dries. Just add essential oil to the mix to give your clothes that luxurious, fresh scent and feel. There are four equally easy steps.

Step 1. Mix ½ cup of vinegar and some drops (6-8 is a great number) of essential oil in a separate bowl. Meanwhile, put your sheets in a jar with a tight-sealing lid.

Step 2. Pour the mix over the sheets until they are damp but not fully soaked. Seal the lid.

Step 3. When you are ready to give your clothes the experience of a lifetime, simply take one sheet out, ring it to get rid of excess liquid, and put it together with the clothes in the dryer.

Step 4. Put the sheet back in the jar after each load and add a splash of scented vinegar when needed.

A Little Thing to Keep in Mind

Softeners and dryer sheets will leave a light coating on your clothes which makes the clothes more flammable. Kids’ pajamas need to be flame retardant and should therefore never be mixed with dryer sheets. Clothes made of cotton or microfiber are not recommended to mix with dryer sheets since the fabric’s distinct qualities can be altered. Instead, add it to your load of sheets, jeans, t-shirts, and linen, and you’ll experience the blissful aroma and fragrant wonders of laundry day in no time. We hope you will give this DIY a go!