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LastTissue: Better for the Planet and Better, Period
January 27, 2021 · Aaron Burr

LastTissue: Better for the Planet and Better, Period

🤧Tissue paper uses gallons and gallons, and litres and litres of water to be created, just so we can use them once when we blow our nose or clean up that mess on our shirt?

But many of us may be wondering whether or not there is a realistic substitute for tissue paper. And we are left trying to figure out what to use instead of tissue paper.

Luckily, LastTissue is a great substitute for tissue paper. Not only is it better for the planet, it’s better in a lot of ways! With LastTissue’s hypoallergenic tissue, it makes it amongst the best tissues for allergies and sensitive skin. The tissues are made from 🌱organic cotton, so no chemicals will be touching your body!

LastTissue had to be better in every way 

LastTissue had to be better in every way

See, we didn’t want to just create a product that only helps the environment. The products we make also have to be better, better for us, and better then the single use alternatives they are replacing. Otherwise, why buy them?😑 Sure, some of those who are very dedicated to the planet may buy them...but how much value would we be getting from it if it weren’t a well thought out product?

LastTissue can’t just be 🌍more sustainable, it has to be more portable too. Which is why we created the durable silicone case for the reusable tissues to be stored. It can’t just cut down on single use tissues, the reusable tissues must be better too. This is why we made them out of organic cotton so they are great on the skin and also far more durable than single use tissues. We couldn’t skimp on convenience or hygiene either, which is why we included a divider for used and clean tissues.🦠

We know that tissues are not created equal, and some even cause 🩺issues for people. That’s why we decided to make hypoallergenic tissues which makes these the best tissues for allergies, whether we are allergic to things usually found on tissues, or allergic to other things which makes us use tissues. 

It wouldn’t be quite so sustainable if we bought a reusable product and it just sat on our shelf. That would be a waste. Our products are meant to be used, and they are meant to enhance your experience when in use.🌈

The world needs better, and fewer things

The world needs better, and fewer things

🏡The average home has 300,000 things in it. And with most of those things not being used, we don’t want to create a product that just adds to the clutter. We want to make products that cut through the noise. Instead of bombarding people with ads saying they need our products...we consistently tell people they actually may not need them. 

Zero waste and reusable alternatives automatically cut back on 🚮waste, they automatically are slightly more intentional, more in line with our environmental values. Just from simply being made from more sustainable materials as well as serving a reusable purpose. In a way, these products are already better, but are they good enough?

A product can have the best of intentions in it’s designs, but if it is not made well or thoughtfully, then people will not buy it. And it will not accomplish the goal of contributing to a better planet. If we had to choose between a product that’s made sustainably but isn’t functional and a product that is just made well, we would go with the latter. Because the latter will last longer, it will be used, and maybe even be more sustainable in the end.

Incorporate sustainability, but remember it’s not the only thing

Incorporate sustainability


 Whether we are talking about our own individual lives, or a business designing products, or even selling a service, 🌿sustainability should be incorporated in everything we do. But it shouldn’t be all that we do.

Only focusing on helping the planet wouldn’t make for a very meaningful life, we still have to think about our health, our friends, we have to make a living, etc.💙

Of course we can incorporate sustainability into how we make money, how we eat healthy, or even how we spend time with friends, but it can’t be the only thing.

The products we make, and how we run LastObject as a whole, constantly have sustainability in mind, but as we’ve noticed...that isn’t enough.

LastSwab Dark Blue Collection

 We design products that are made very well, not just sustainably. Our products have to be well thought out from a usefulness perspective, from a practical perspective, and an intentional one. Not only does writing about this show the work that goes into one simple thing, but it can also motivate us to 💭think differently about the things we buy. 

We shouldn’t just buy a product because it is made with more eco friendly materials. That product could potentially fall apart after just a couple uses, which would be neither good for the planet, our wallets, or fulfilling the needs we have from that thing. Also...if we don’t need it, it’s not actually sustainable. 

We should not only investigate whether or not a company cares about the planet, but also whether or not it creates quality, useful, and intentional products. This, is essential, to a more sustainable world. 🌏