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Where is LastSwab produced?
September 11, 2019 · Nicolas Aagaard

Where is LastSwab produced?

When choosing a supplier for The LastSwab, we looked for a partner that shared our vision for a greener planet.


where is lastswab produced


We found a Canadian contract manufacturer, located in China and India who is an expert on manufacturing in China. They have been very transparent and keeping us informed about the process, deadlines and our concerns about keeping Carbon emissions down.


Canadian contract manufacturer.


We have absolute faith in our contract manufacturer and they gave us the following information about the social, ecological and logistical worries that we all share: Workers working conditions, carbon emissions conditions and knowhow to make The LastSwab a customer success:


Concerning carbon emissions, a modern exhaust system is in place. This deals with the processing of gases in connection to the production of The LastSwab and is following the rigid standards of the Environmental Protection Bureau which is the Chinese agency working to reduce CO2 emissions everywhere in China.


Injection mold for LastSwab case


 The workers at the factory where The LastSwab is produced are receiving top notch treatment in accordance with Chinese law that is set to ensure fair worker wages, work hours (maximum 40 per week) and safety!

Finally, our contract manufacturer has more than 250+ clients made 1000+ unique products become a reality using 4000+ local Chinese partners ensuring the knowhow within many different fields of expertise. The supplier of LastSwab has over 20 years on
the forefront of the plastic industry, working with the most durable and most eco-friendly materials available.


250+ clients made 1000+ unique products become a reality.