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Every great Superhero Needs a Cape: Introducing the LastTissue!
February 9, 2020 · Aaron Burr

Every great Superhero Needs a Cape: Introducing the LastTissue!

In a world where the LastSwab is an adorable little superhero, LastTissue is it’s cape. And every superhero needs a cape so we at LastObject introduce to you, LastTissue! Which is now live on kickstarter.

LastSwab saves the world from all of the sneaky swabs out there while  LastTissue saves the world from all of the terrible tissues out there. Together they create one unstoppable pair. 

So what is LastTissue? Well, it’s as if a handkerchief and a tissue pack had a baby. LastTissue (as assumed by the name) is a product that is meant to provide a zero waste alternative to tissues and napkins.

LastObject only wants to create zero waste alternatives for the highest impact single use products, so why replace the tissue?

Tissues require a lot of resources especially in the amounts we use them, they: 

  • Cut down trees (8,000,000 in the U.S. alone per year)
  • Demand water (2 litres of water per tissue)
  • Use up energy
  • Generate waste
  • Emit greenhouse gases
  • (the paper and pulp industry is the third largest emitter in the world)
  •  All to be used once and then tossed out. 

    As you can see, LastTissue is a crime fighting cape created to save the world from all of the terrible tissues out there.

    save the world from all of the terrible tissues

    Much like we do with our formal attire, every superhero must keep their capes fresh and clean. LastTissue stores six organic cotton tissues with two separate compartments: one for clean tissues, and the other for dirty ones. This way, your clean tissues won’t be soiled by the ones that have been through it all. 

    Once the six tissues are used up, you just throw them into your washer, dry them out, then they are ready once again to fight the messy crimes that life has to offer. Use, Store, Wash, and Repeat. 

    The LastTissue carrying case is:

    Made of silicone
    Dishwasher safe
    Available in a variety of colors:
    Raccoon Blue
    Dragonfly Turquoise
    Fox Peach
    Palm Green 
    Redwood Red

    As of writing this post, LastTissue is in the production phase. We are so grateful for your support whether that be monetarily on kickstarter or sharing it around. Thank you!

    Head over to Kickstater for updates on the status of LastTissue and when it is ready to ship out. 

    cotton flower

    We chose to go with organic cotton for our tissue (cape) material. Historically, cotton has been water thirsty and pesticide heavy compared to bamboo which requires little pesticides and water. Many have wondered why we chose to go with cotton instead of bamboo since bamboo usually requires less resources.


    The reason for this is bamboo’s inability to be sourced organically. We feel it is better to source a material that has a more traceable and environmentally friendly production process. 

    Every great superhero needs a cape. LastTissue and LastSwab make a perfect pair to help put a stop to the world’s waste. That being said, some superhero’s go without capes, and this cape in particular even has powers of its own.

    So whether you solely find a use for LastSwab, LastTissue, or neither, we commemorate you for the interest in bettering your impact on the earth and environments around you. Until next time, friends.