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7 Zero-Waste Travel Products to Help the Earth

Ahhhhh yes…travelling. 🛩Whether it’s jet setting, ⛵️sailing around the world, 🚞hopping on a train, 🚍or simply commuting to work, a lot of us enjoy the freedom of travel. But with freedom comes with it the need for us to be lighter and more simplified while managing our waste. More specifically, the stuff we carry with us does.🎒

This post will be another relatively straightforward listicle (I love that word) of products that help us stay light, organized, and zero waste on the go!🛄While these products may be specifically geared towards zero waste travel, the best thing to use is what we already have. But this can be a great list to work from nonetheless.👍


Water Bottle 

Water Bottle

Yes yes yes, it’s so easy to forget we need to drink water especially in all of the excitement of travelling.🧃Without bringing our own water bottle, we are left to a single use water bottle that costs like...3,000 dollars in an airport or still costs way more than tap water when bought at a normal price.😰

🚮Let’s not forget the waste and fossil fuel dependence that these water bottles create as well.🛢

A reusable water bottle is a great zero waste travel option. Klean Kanteen provides great stainless steel options. Choose one that is smaller to be more travel friendly or one that’s bigger for maximum thirst quenching. Or, if drinking fountains aren't as common, maybe more volume is better. 

To-goWare Cutlery

To-goWare Cutlery

Much like water is still needed during travel, so too is food! Have you ever been on the go while dehydrated and hungry? It sucks, lemme tell you. It’s funny how a lot of issues are typically much less of a big deal when we have been eating and drinking well.🍽🧉

The issue with eating on the go is it usually comes with disposable single use forks, spoons, or knives. Sometimes all three!🙅‍♀️

Skip that yucky stuff and opt for a reusable form of cutlery. 🎍Bamboo cutlery is a more natural yet durable zero waste travel option. A great company to turn to is To-goWare.

Pro tip: When flying, bamboo cutlery is typically less risky getting through 👮‍♂️security than metal versions are. I once had a titanium spork confiscated in Nicaragua.

It’s also worth noting my spork was 🟪purple, which I thought would have helped with it’s harmless appearance. It did not. 


Alright, let’s stick with the food-on-the-go scenario. What typically comes with food other than cutlery? Napkins! What do we need to wipe our face and hands with? Napkins! Unless you want to save some food on your face for later, I won’t judge.😅

Or maybe you need to wipe your 👶🏼child's face, or boogers,🦠or our own boogers. Maybe there's some unidentified substance on the seat we are about to sit on. 💩It’s the only seat left...what are we to do?! 

All of these scenarios are where LastTissue comes in. LastTissue is a great option for zero waste travel that will keep us clean while reducing the damage that single use tissues and napkins have on the earth. 🌲

Stasher Bags

Stasher Bags

Alright, so we’ve found zero-waste travel-friendly ways to eat our food and to clean up after it, but what if we want to bring our own food? On-the-go food is typically packaged, 🍔isn’t always what we prefer to eat, 💸and costs more money than bringing our own food does.

This is where something like a Stasher Bag comes in handy. You can pack them full with 🥜nuts and 🍓fruits and 🥪sandwiches, or even 🍜soups and 🍝pasta!

Eat healthier, eat cheaper, and eat more zero waste! Yay!



Liquid. Travel. Restrictions.

The perfect recipe for unnecessary packaging via tiny versions of the liquids, pastes, and gels that we use on a daily basis. They may be travel friendly, but they sure aren’t earth friendly.🌏

Gotoobs is yet another amazing product from humangear. Keep your liquids sealed, safe, and in a travel friendly size. Use them for sunscreen, coconut oil, toothpaste, etc.

They also offer puck shaped containers that can be used for more solid stuff but still available in a zero waste travel-friendly size. 


Last Swab

It’s important when travelling (and arguably in life) to simplify our 🧼toiletries and💄beauty products so they are optimized for zero waste travel. This helps provide a clutter free, less stressful, and less wasteful experience.

LastSwab is a great part of a zero waste travel kit because it does away with the clutter and waste that comes with regular cotton swabs. It’s travel friendly storage case keeps the swab clean and protected while they both can be easily 🧼cleaned themselves, especially when on the go.

Choose from the original for general zero waste ear cleaning or the beauty version for any makeup applications that normally require a cotton swab.


Final Straw

For those ☕️fueling iced coffees, 🍊breakfast OJs’, or 🍹9am jet-lagged mixed drinks (again, no judgement), a reusable straw is a must if we are accustomed to using one!

With FinalStraw’s super-mega collapsible and compact design, it is the perfect zero waste travel companion.

Plus, when it's attached to something visible it serves as a great reminder to say no to single use straws and opt in for a FinalStraw instead. 🚯

Well there you have it. While this list can go on and on, it’s a great start to simplify our travel or on-the-go experience. These products are great options, but if you already have something along these lines, stick with that!

Packing lighter with less of a footprint lets us sit back and enjoy all of the excitement of being on the move. The 🌍world is meant to be seen and people are meant to be connected with, 🗺so make sure the things in your life augment that experience and make it the best it can be.

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