LastObject Monthly GiveawayOctober 26, 2021 · Maria Harutyunyan

LastObject Monthly Giveaway
What’s better than winning things for free? Winning things for free that help make a positive difference in the world! That’s what LastObject’s Zero Waste Giveaway is all about. And did we mention it’s every month?

On the first day of every single month, we give away $77 worth of products to one lucky winner!

Now, what’s the catch? There has to be a catch, right? Well, all you need to do in order to enter is submit your email! Seriously, that’s it.

There are some details to this giveaway, so let’s go over them.

  1. If you refer someone and they win, you also win the same prize!
  2. Once you enter, you will be entered in until you win!
  3. The more referrals you give, the better your chances at winning will be!
  4. If you win you will receive:


1x LastSwab



1x LastRound



1x Laundry Bag

Laundary Bag


1x LastTissue



1x LastSwab Beauty

LastSwab Beauty


1x Tissue Refill

LastTissue Refill


A total value of almost $80!

Really, all we require is an email to enter. We will never ask for any payment or credit card information. If you do happen to be a winner (which we hope you will be) we will email you from

This giveaway can be great for those interested in zero waste and LastObject, especially since by signing up we will be able to stay updated on all things zero waste and LastObject news! It can be a cost effective way to try out our products without paying anything. Or, if someone already owns some of our products, this can be a great way to try others while gifting the ones that we don’t need!

Get signed up here and stay updated on all things zero waste. Refer your friends and increase your chances of getting free LastObject zero waste products! Good luck, and happy giveaway!