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International Women’s Day: 5 Women Paving the Way to a Greener Future
March 8, 2022 · Amaninder kaur

International Women’s Day: 5 Women Paving the Way to a Greener Future

Here we have a wonderful opportunity to honor all of the women in the world, especially yourselves. Thank you for all that you do for this world. While the list of women that we could highlight would be endless, maybe for the sake of time and space it’s best to get specific on who to highlight in this post. Statistically women are more likely to care for the environment and life on this planet. This translates to women led companies having a tendency of being more responsible while creating a positive impact on the environment with their businesses.

Women all around the world are running companies that solve a problem via the products they deliver; but they are simultaneously revolutionizing the way products are made, the ingredients that are used, and the end of life considerations once the product is ready to be discarded. 

Here is just a portion of incredible women in the world that we wanted to highlight.

Annie Jackson, founder of Credo

After years of experience in the industry creating traditional beauty products, Annie decided to shake things up. She founded the company Credo to offer a one stop shop for clean beauty brands that provide eco friendly and healthy alternatives to an otherwise toxic industry. On top of that,90%of the brands that Credo carries are led by women. All products that Credo sells must first go through The Credo Clean Standard: a standard of ethics, sourcing, environmental and health safety, sustainability, and transparency. If a product doesn’t meet their standards, or if it contains an ingredient on their Dirty List , you won’t be seeing that product in their store. Annie has helped take the difficulty out of having to research every single brand and their ingredients, because if it is in a Credo store it has already been done. We can rest assured these products are aligned with our values and standards. Thanks Annie!

Charlotte Vøhtz, founder of Green People

Over 20 years ago, Charlotte Vøhtz founded Green People after creating a skincare solution for her daughter struggling with health issues. Charlotte has also worked tirelessly to enact changes within organic and natural labeling laws. All Green People products are made from organic ingredients and are certified cruelty free. Green People has organic, safe, and healthy options for your skin, face, hair, the sun, make-up, and even products for your pets! Charlotte has an incredible and painful story of birthing a company out of the care for her daughter. This is a mother's love that has now been gifted to the entire world.

Jennifer Kapahi, founder of Trestique 

After working as a makeup artist, then in makeup sales, marketing, and product development, Jennifer sought out a unique solution to a wasteful makeup industry. She built a product that is ethically sourced, healthy, and sustainable; in a revolutionary, refillable, and zero waste container. Because of Jennifer, Trestique reduces virgin plastic by 90%, with 86% of the packaging coming from recycled plastic. Trestique is 100% carbon neutral, minimizing it’s footprint on the earth. It allows for a convenient zero waste solution to an activity that is done regularly and therefore adds up rather quickly. With every Trestique use, you’re choosing to reduce waste while opting for clean, safe, and healthy ingredients.

Lumi Maunuvaara, founder of HAVU

Another wonderful eco-friendly and natural makeup company is HAVU. Based out of Espoo, Finland, Lumi Maunuvaara first designed the prototype for a zero-waste beauty product as part of her summer course at Aalto University. HAVU cosmetics is heavily focused on bringing everything back to the basics: they feature minimalist designs, simple and all natural ingredients, while using zero waste materials that are modeled after nature. HAVU means a needle of an evergreen tree, which is perfect for these products that are in perfect alignment with nature. Lumi has made it a point to keep all manufacturing in Finland made by hand. She truly has shown the incredible potential that women have in designing businesses which deliver well made and sustainable products.

Tiffany B, founder of Dew Mighty

Tiffany B has created probably one of the most unique zero waste moisturizers we’ve ever seen: a completely solid moisturizer, free of any plastic packaging whatsoever. To top it off, the company Dew Mighty built around it is sending an incredible message which is to get serious about the planet and people. There is a difference between a business becoming a force for good and a business that simply has a greenwashed marketing strategy. Tiffany has made it a point to craft a product and company that takes the most available options for helping the planet. It’s people like her who keep us pointed in the right direction of helping the planet. 

It’s important that we take the time to regularly honor and praise the feminine in the world. This can take the form of empowering and lifting up the women around us, or also making changes to treat the mother Earth herself with love and kindness as well. When women take up leadership roles, there is more of a chance the earth will benefit from how they are in that position. Thank you to all the women in the world who are doing what they can, when they can; by healing, caring, leading, and just being! Happy International Women’s Day from the team here at LastObject.