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How to Organize Your Own Beach Cleanup
April 18, 2023 · Monika Harah

How to Organize Your Own Beach Cleanup

Organizing or participating in a beach cleanup is a great way to get involved in Earth Day and make a positive impact on our environment. You can either find an event online or organize one yourself. But where do you get started?

Here are some tips on how to organize a beach cleanup:

Gather your group

The first step to organizing a beach cleanup is to gather a group of volunteers who are passionate about protecting the environment.

Reach out to friends, family, coworkers, and local organizations to see who's interested in getting involved. The more people you can get on board, the bigger impact you can make.


Choose a beach

Next, choose a beach that needs cleaning up. Check with local authorities to see if any permits are required and to ensure that your cleanup won't interfere with any wildlife habitats or protected areas.

Choose a date and time that works for your group and ensure that everyone knows when and where to meet.

Gather supplies

You'll need some supplies to make your beach cleanup a success. This may include trash bags, gloves, sunscreen, water, and snacks. You may also want to consider bringing along some reusable water bottles or cups to reduce waste.


Get cleaning

On the day of the cleanup, make sure everyone knows the plan and gets to work. Split up into teams and assign specific areas of the beach to each group.

Encourage everyone to pick up any litter they see, including plastics, cigarette butts, and other small items that can be harmful to wildlife.

Dispose of the trash responsibly

Once your cleanup is complete, make sure to dispose of the trash responsibly. Check with local authorities to see if there are any specific guidelines for disposing of beach litter.

Consider separating recyclables from non-recyclables to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.


Celebrate your success

Finally, take a moment to celebrate your success and the positive impact you've made on the environment.

Take some group photos, share your success on social media, and encourage others to get involved in beach cleanups and other environmental initiatives.