LastTissue is Here, Along with Some Other Add-Ons!August 27, 2020 · Aaron Burr

LastTissue is Here, Along with Some Other Add-Ons!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!

After being fully funded on Kickstarter the first day (and 5,000 backers the first week) back in January, LastTissue is officially up on the website and ready to be ordered.

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We introduced LastTissue a while ago on this blog, and have also touched on the impacts of tissues and paper products in general. So we’ll keep this sort of brief!

LastTissue is an amazing way to reduce our footprint caused by tissues because tissues (as we’ve learned) require water, energy, and cause deforestation in many parts of the world.🌲

But in case this is the first time you’re hearing of this, you may be asking what LastTissue is.

What is LastTissue

what is lasttissue

🤧LastTissue is a reusable tissue pack designed to provide an on-the-go alternative to single use tissues.

It has two compartments: one for the clean and unused tissues, and another for the used and dirty ones. That way the clean ones stay clean, and the dirty ones are stored away to be washed later. Oh by the way, the tissues are made from 100% organic cotton!

You can fit six of them in the silicone case and they can be machine washed about 520 times. Which is a bit more durable than those fragile single use options!

What else we’re offering

what else we are offering

And speaking of washing, we’ve also added a reusable laundry bag to the website so that you can keep better track of the cotton tissues mixed in with other clothes. could also use it for other things while not in tissue use...if you want! #multipurpose

We live busy lives, and also chaotic ones.😰 Because of this, we are also offering LastTissue refills. Purchase these for when your tissues are worn out. Or maybe you realize you aren’t able to wash your used tissues as often and need some back ups. Also, we all lose things, so it’s great to be able to just purchase the tissues instead of a whole new case as well.

Having some reservations?

having some reservations?

There may be some reservation or skepticism out there regarding a reusable tissue pack. Some of those being:

  • Whether or not they are hygienic and clean
  • The price compared to a single use tissue pack
  • The convenience

As far as the cleanliness of LastTissue, we did a more in depth article on that which can be found here. But to answer your question: yes they are! Especially when the clean-dirty barrier is used properly and everything is washed regularly. Actually, LastTissue has potential to be even more hygienic, not to mention cleaner for the environment.🧼

A single use travel tissue pack is certainly cheaper than LastTissue, but that cost is negated after a certain amount of LastTissue uses. Reusable and zero waste products are investments and over time can actually save us money while also getting rid of the true costs shifted onto the planet.🌿 

Others may be worried about whether or not LastTissue is convenient enough. The first point to be made is there should be a certain amount of convenience worth giving up in order to better our impact on the earth. 

With that being said, LastTissue is pretty dang convenient! With a case that stores both clean and dirty tissues, there aren’t many extra steps involved other than throwing them in the washer at some point.

And with six tissues ready to be used, we typically won’t run out of tissues in any given day...unless we have a 🤒cold or spill things super often. In that case, maybe some extra tissues would come in handy. 

eco friendly tissues

LastTissue is an amazing opportunity to save energy, protect forests, reduce water use, and feel better about our actions!

The time is now to align our actions with our values, to start caring about our impact, and to create positive change in this world. Those all sound like big and important things, but they all start with something blowing our nose.

Pick up LastTissue today! 💚

Written by Aaron Burr 

A writer dedicated to working solely with companies on a mission to help the earth and people on it.