Ears and Armpits: a Perfect Partnership with LastObject and NuudJuly 9, 2020 · Aaron Burr

Ears and Armpits: a Perfect Partnership with LastObject and Nuud

Purchase a LastSwab between July 14th - 31st and receive 30% off Nuud automatically!

Earwax and body odor: both a part of life’s simple pleasures. Haha, okay so maybe not quite that. But they are a part of life nonetheless! This is why we thought it would be a great opportunity to partner with Nuud! What is Nuud you ask?

Nuud is a vegan anti-odorant that works for 3-7 days! What?! That’s crazzzyyyy. 

Nuud lives for fresh armpits. Fresh without the bad stuff normally found in most deodorants. Things such as: parabens, aluminum, petrochemicals, and all that other stuff that is impossible to pronounce...maybe for a reason.

Nuud doesn’t use any salts or cheap perfumes. Because they take armpits, and the ingredients that we put on them, seriously.

Speaking of ingredients, they only have ten of them! What’s really cool is they explain what every ingredient is and what it’s purpose is. Those ingredients are:

  1. Pure silver
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Castor oil
  4. Zinc oxide
  5. Almond oil
  6. Mineral clay
  7. Vegetable emulsifier
  8. Castor oil extract
  9. Vegetable mix-enhancer
  10. Carnauba wax

To learn about what these ingredients are and what they are there for, head on over to their ingredients page here

And the cherry on top is Nuud comes in a bioplastic tube that is made from sugarcane. This makes for a toxic free product, should it somehow end up in the environment. All while decreasing our dependence on petroleum.


So what exactly is going on with this partnership campaign? It’s pretty simple...those who purchase a LastSwab between July 14th - 31st will receive 30% off of Nuud deoderant! It’s easy, after you checkout, you’ll be directed to Nuud’s website where you can use the code that you've received in your order confirmation.

Just order a LastSwab between the 14th and 31st to get your code!

We are always so happy to partner with such like minded and passionate companies. We are all in this together and it is all our job to create a more eco-friendly world. An eco friendly lifestyle often begins with the products we choose to purchase.

Which we are honored to be spearheading, together.