Introducing LastRound!September 2, 2020 · Aaron Burr

Introducing LastRound!

If you managed to read our last article on the footprint of removing makeup, maybe you were left with a lot of information, but not much in the form of alternatives. Or not much in the form of what to do. 

Well we said at the end of that article to get excited, because we are presenting exactly that: an alternative.

Behold, LastRound!🙌🏽

introducing lastobject

LastRound is the reusable alternative to single use cotton rounds.

What is LastRound?

what is last round?

LastRound comes with 7 reusable cotton rounds which are good for over 1500 uses!

They are tucked nicely into a convenient carrying case that is BPA free and made from 🌱plants instead of 🛢petroleum.

And speaking of what things are made from, LastRound uses far less cotton than traditional cotton rounds. 

70% of LastRound is actually made from Scandinavian wood fibers certified by the 🌲FSC. The remaining 30% is from cotton which would otherwise be going to waste in the textile industry due to the fibers being too short.

The utilization of the small amount of cotton makes for a very soft feel just like normal cotton rounds, but with the durability of wood fibers. No more hard cloth feel like other reusable options.

Plus the cotton is organic, which means less chemicals in the environment while growing the cotton, and less chemicals on your face when you use LastRound

The impact of LastRound

the impact of lastround

As we know, it’s always better to have a reusable version of something rather than a more wasteful single use version.🚮 Because of this, LastRound in itself is a better option for the planet. But we decided to take that a step further, and make sure LastRound is even more eco-friendly!

LastRound is made in one of the most environmentally friendly factories in Europe. All water is within a closed loop system which means it is able to be recycled and reused over and over again!

Plus, as we’ve learned in the previous article, 1000 cotton rounds use about 10,000 litres of water. Instead let’s use 7 cotton rounds which are good for 1000 uses to save all that water.

And money! Oh, the money!save money

A pack of 100 cotton rounds usually costs around $3 which means 1000 would be $30. LastRound costs $7 or less on Kickstarter, so that’s like $23 in savings...if our math is correct.

Using LastRound

using lastround

Simply grab a round from the top, apply some water or other liquid that you prefer, use it and then wash with 🧼soap and water. When you’re done with the round, place it in the bottom to dry and it will be ready to use once you get through the top ones!

Once in a while, feel free to machine wash them in a mesh bag at no more than 60 degrees celsius or 140 degrees fahrenheit. Let those dry outside of the case when you do that though. Don’t machine dry. 

As for the case, you can wash that by hand with soap and water, just like other LastObject cases!

How to get your hands on LastRound

how to get lastround

LastRound (as of September 1st) is officially up on Kickstarter! Which means you can be one of the first on planet earth to own one….simply by becoming a backer!💚

For $24 you’ll receive three LastRound packs through the Starter Kit pledge, AKA the most basic kit to receive LastRound. From there, as you purchase more LastRounds through different pledges the prices become more and more discounted. So find some friends and everyone pitch in! 

The more the merrier! And the more people the more the savings! Both in terms of money, waste, and water! 🌏

Many of us have been brought up into a world of convenience at the expense of the planet. Which prevents many from making the changes necessary for a healthy planet.

We at LastObject aim to design products that are no fuss and rather simple to switch to. And LastRound is exactly that. Reusable is in. Single use is out. 

There is no better time to build momentum towards living a life more in line with our values.

Let’s go!✊

Written by Aaron Burr 

A writer dedicated to working solely with companies on a mission to help the earth and people on it.