Laundry Bag

The LastObject Laundry Bag is an eco-friendly and sustainable washing bag for LastTissue.
  • Environmentaly Friendly
  • Product Specifics
  • We Are The Original
Our laundry bag is made of 100% organic cotton aiming for environmental sustainability and the use of fewer resources.
Our sustainable laundry bags can be washed at 60 degree Celsius or 140 degree Fahrenheit 500 times or more.
We are based in Copenhagen Denmark, where all our products are designed and prototyped. We are the original inventors of LastTissue and LastSwab.


Absolutely Recommend

I have used the lastswabs and the lasttissue and I am so in love with all of them! I use them nearly every day and always take them with me when I travel. Brilliant inventions that make it so so easy to reduce your waste.

Autumn Bradley Rybin

So happy with my LastTissue

So happy with my LastTissue. The box is such a soft materials, and everything is so easy to clean. Much less gross to use than I expected 😀


I'm never switching back to single-use tissues

Have been using LastTissue for a couple of weeks now. I'm never switching back to single-use tissues. LastTissue is softer on the nose and extremely easy to clean!


My Kickstarter Experience

Hi LastObject! My LastTissue packs came in this afternoon, and they are absolutely AWESOME! Even the cardboard packaging looks great! I like the design and the way each flap provides new info Thanks for your hard work and for sticking with the project all the way to the end. You guys did a great job! Thanks again!

Hannah Evelyn