Personal Care Kit Bestseller

Contians essential LastObject items. This collection includes the innovative LastSwab Original, designed for eco-friendly personal care; the LastTissue Pack, offering a reusable alternative to single-use tissues; the LastRound Original, for sustainable beauty routines; and the compact Laundry Bag Small, ideal for maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your LastObject products.

Features LastSwab Original, LastTissue Pack, LastRound Original as well as a Laundry Bag.

Save money & the environment
Domestic & plastic-free delivery
The Sustainable Material Choice

Why Choose a Personal Care Kit?

Gentle and Sustainable Care

Experience softness and effectiveness with our Personal Care Kit. Whether it's the comfort of LastRound or the convenience of LastTissue, it caters to your personal care needs sustainably.

Conservation and Waste Reduction

Choosing our Personal Care Kit supports forest conservation and waste reduction. It's personal care that respects nature, conserves water, and minimizes waste.

Cost-Effective Versatility

Save money while exploring different LastObject products. Our Personal Care Kit offers a versatile, cost-effective solution, providing varied products for your unique needs.

Comprehensive Personal Care

Each kit variant offers a unique combination of LastObject products, catering to different personal care needs. Opt for our Personal Care Kit for an eco-friendly, comprehensive approach to personal care.