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LastSwab is a reusable and sustainable alternative to cotton swabs. It helps combat the billions of single-use cotton swabs that are produced every day.
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Guilt-Free, Clean Ears!
LastSwab is a reusable and sustainable alternative to q-tips. It feels like a lovely ear massage and totally makes your ears feel clean.
Easy to Clean & Reuse
LastSwab can be cleaned by hand using soap and water. Reuse up to 1,000 times. It’s durable and safe both for you and the environment.
High-Quality Danish Design
LastSwab comes in a quality case that is made of Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic. That makes it easy to store in your bath room or bring on travels.



Does LastSwab ship anywhere in the world?

Yes we do. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout.

How long will it take to get my order?

  • US and Canadian orders: 3-6 business days with standard shipping and 2-3 business days with express shipping.
  • EU and UK orders: 3-6 business days with standard shipping and 2-3 business days with express shipping.
  • The rest of the world: 4-14 business days with standard delivery and 2-7 business days with express delivery.

Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email update when your order is dispatched including a tracking number for the delivery. Your order page will also be updated with the tracking number when the order is on the way.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We use all major carriers, and local courier partners. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

Duties, fees and taxes

Please note that if you live outside The US, EU, UK or Canada you will be responsible for duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region.


What is LastSwab made of?

The swab ends are made of the rubber-like material TPE, and the rod is made of plastic reinforced with glass fiber. The case comes in two versions and is either made of the plant-based material PLA, or of recycled ocean-bound plastic.

Why not just use paper and cotton ones?

Paper and cotton swabs impact the environment because they are single-use. The average person goes through hundreds of cotton swabs each year. These cotton swabs get produced, warehoused, shipped, purchased, used, and discarded. During this process, the use of raw materials and the CO2 created are harmful to the environment. These processes become unnecessary when you commit to using reusable products like LastSwab.

How long does LastSwab last?

LastSwab is tested to withhold up to 1,000 uses.

Is LastSwab sanitary?

LastSwabs are easily cleaned with water and a little soap. You can also use a disinfectant like rubbing alcohol to sanitize it.

Can I use LastSwab to clean a child's ear?

If used on children of all ages - we recommend using the LastSwab Baby, that is specially build for gentle use in the outer ear, and are safe to use.

How does the Beauty LastSwab work best?

Our LastSwab beauty experts dip the ends in makeup remover to take off excess mascara on their eyelids.

How do I clean the Beauty LastSwab, and can I use it in my beauty salon?

LastSwabs are easily cleaned with water and a little soap. The Beauty LastSwab can be cleaned with a little makeup remover if it’s been used with waterproof makeup. If you use the Beauty LastSwab in a beauty salon or as a makeup artist: Always remember to clean it thoroughly with warm water and soap between customers, let it dry, soak it in alcohol sanitizer, let it dry, now it’s ready for your next customer.

Can I get allergies using LastSwab?

LastSwab is Latex free. For more information on allergenics, please contact us at

Can I use LastSwab for nail polish removal, art projects or instrument cleaning?

You can generally use a LastSwab as you would use a single use swab, but keep in mind that LastSwab is not heat resistant and you can not use it with solvents such as acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover.

How many single use swabs does LastSwab need to replace to be better for the environment?

It only takes 36 uses (so about 5 weeks) to become a better option than single use swabs in terms of carbon footprint.

Where is LastSwab manufactured?

We have two LastSwab manufacturers, one is located in China and one is located in Denmark. We only work with non-EU manufacturers that have SMETA (ethical audit) certificates.



  • Turquoise
  • Peach
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • Green

Product description

  • LastSwab Basic - for adult ears
  • One size
  • Includes 1 Case + 1 Swab
  • Weight 21 gram / 0.74 ounces


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  • Case: Certified Recycled Ocean-bound Plastic
  • Bud: Medical grade TPE
  • Rod: PP



LastSwab Basic is designed and produced in Denmark.

Design and Trademark protected globally.




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Kimberly R.
United States United States
Sturdy, easy to clean, reusable!

Love this reusable swab - it's a fun color, easy to use and clean, and is made of sturdy material. The bumpy surface helps with waxy build-up, but since the swab isn't absorbent, it doesn't help with post-shower water (or earbud-induced moisture) in ears - for that, I wrap the swab in a [reusable] tissue! I'm so glad to have this sustainable, reusable option to replace single-use cotton swabs! I also loved that I was able to toss the simple paper packaging straight into my compost pile!

Anna Z.
United States United States
Great Product

It does a great job and feel safe using it.

Michelle M.
United States United States

I love a product that is well made, useful and makes me feel good about purchasing it. Bought an extra one to carry in my purse for touch up emergencies. This beauty swab is better because it doesn’t get all raggedy in my bag and it stays clean in its case.

Sophie P.
Spain Spain
A last less waist in the bathroom!

I love my new LastSwab, it's really nice to use and easy to clean and store. I have bought 4 more as gifts, everyone should have one!

A LastObject Customer
Caroline R.
United States United States
Love it

I was skeptical at first but decided to try it after a year of not buying cotton swabs for sustainability reasons and not replacing them with anything. It feels like a lovely ear massage and totally makes my ears feel clean! Washing it is a cinch, I just use a little diluted Dr. Bronners that I refill our hand soap pump with and dry with a terry cloth towel.