About LastRound

The Reusable Cotton Round

Lastround is a reusable and sustainable alternative to single use cotton pads. Every pack consists of 7 reusable cotton pads and an ocean bound plastic case.


LastRound replaces 1,750 single-use cotton rounds


Each cotton round is completely compostable.


LastRound is made of 100% sustainably sourced materials.

Why Switch to LastRound

At first sight, cotton seems like a great material: it`s biodegradable, soft, and plant based. But have you ever wondered just how environmentally friendly it really is?

The answer is not so much. It takes around 20,000 litres of water to create 1kg of cotton. Besides, cotton contributes to environmental pollution through the use of pesticides and insecticides. It also exposes both cotton growers and consumers to toxic chemicals that are used during production.

Our mission is to help the planet by developing alternatives to single use products. There is no planet B!

LastRound is a sustainable alternative to single-use cotton rounds.
We use 100% natural and eco-friendly materials during the production of LastRound. Even the packaging is recycable.

If you care about our planet and the amount of waste, simply rethink your habits and switch to LastRound.

a girl with LastRound

How to use LastRound

Simply grab a LastRound from the top of the pile, apply some water or other liquid if you prefer, and wipe!


Just wanted to say thank you!!!

Got mine today and I am so impressed after the first use!
Honestly I love your campaigns this is the second time I backed you guys and you always deliver what was promised and way faster than I would expect. Thank you!! And happy thanksgiving


OMGosh mine arrived today and I'm so excited!!!!

I opened one immediately, used it and I LOVE IT!
I can't wait to give these as gifts to my daughters for Christmas!
Thank you for making such an awesome plant based packaging and an amazing planet friendly product!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas 🎄


I received my package yesterday and already very impressed.

100% recyclable packaging, very well designed, and of course, reusable. The cotton rounds really surprised me at how fast they got soft and soaker up water. I like them way more than I expected I would. I also got my add-ons for other LastObject items!