LastPad Small

Une serviette hygiénique vraiment géniale, agréable à porter et qui ne nuit pas à la planète. 1 LastPad remplace plus de 240 serviettes hygiéniques à usage unique.
Une serviette hygiénique vraiment géniale, agréable à porter et qui ne nuit pas à la planète.

Save money & the environment
Domestic & plastic-free delivery
The Sustainable Material Choice


Why Use LastPad?

Ultimate Protection

The three layers are made with innovative materials that keep you dry, fresh, and comfortable, and protects you from leaks.

Free From Toxins & Harmful Chemicals

Unlike many single-use pads, LastPad is completely non-toxic, free from bleaches and harmful chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin.

Pad+Pouch=True Love

Each pad comes with its own pouch for easy storage, both before and after you use it. The material is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the used pad leaking or smelling.

Use, Wash, Reuse

Did you know that you can wash your pad with your other clothes, they won’t stain! Just unwrap it before washing it (in cold) and it comes out almost like new.

How to Use

Easy to Use & Easy to Clean

Step 1. Bring It

Keep your pad in the pouch for safe storage and take it out when you want to use it. Remove any lint from the silicone strip first.

Step 2. Use It

Attach the pad to your panties and secure the velcro to keep the pad in place. Change it as often as you normally would.

Step 3. Store It

The used pad can be stored in its pouch again. The pouch is leakproof so the pad won’t cause any leaks in your purse or spread any odor.

Step 4. Wash It

Take it out of the pouch and put in the washing machine when you do your laundry. Wash cold, let dry, and put back into the pouch.


Let’s Not Beat Around the Bush

Footprint Facts*

Product Life Cycle Is Validated by a 3rd Party
  • LastTissue is 10 times better for the environment**
  • Reduces carbon footprint (CO2) by 87%
  • Reduces water consumption by 68%
  • Reduces primary energy demand by 80%
  • After 9 uses, you break even with CO2 emissions

*Compared to single-use rounds

**Considering all 22 environmental categories

A Lot Better - For You and Mother Earth

19 billion single-use female hygiene products are thrown out each year. Every single one takes about 500 years to decompose. This makes it the 5th most common plastic waste product in the ocean. That’s bloody horrific!

These single-use pads and hygiene products often contain chlorine and pesticides which are damaging to both your health and marine life. Reusing your pad is better for the planet and better for you.

LastPad Can’t Make Your Period Pain-Free, But It Can Make Nature Pad-Free

Single Use-ing Makes Us See Red

<p>After a long and happy life, your LastPad should be discarded with your household waste. By that time, it will have saved the planet from countless single-use pads. The cardboard packaging can enjoy a new life by recycling it with cardboard.</p>

Eva R.


Its a nice product but it moves around a bit more than comfortable and is quite noisy. The texture is nice and the fabric is soft, a little rough around the edges. The idea is good but it could use a bit more refining. Maybe a bit more stability (:

Item type:Medium / Green

Anna P.


Ever since its launch, I've been wanting to trying these. However, I had a really bad experience with reusable nappies and I was pretty scared to make the investment. Since there was a really good discount, I went ahead and purchased two small, two medium and one large of the Last Pad kit. So far, I have only tried the small. And they are AMAZING. My key wins: 1. No more rash caused by pantiliner (as I am very sensitive to cellulose). 2. Absolute comfort (I was pre-warned by other reviewers about the velcro scratching one's inner thighs. And v this is true of you try to go too tight. But if you "respect" the natural meeting place for the velcro circles, this is not an issue anymore) 3. In place. What I do is, I attach the velcro around my underwear, I situate the pad to sit comfortably with my body, and then I adjust my underwear to adapt to the pad (just the opposite from what I would normally do) 4. The best part: 0% odour. And this for me is a must. Thank you The Last Pad for developing such a wonderful pad!

Item type:Small / Peach



Super easy to wear and wash. I purchased 2

Item type:Large / Green



Decent pad

Item type:Medium / Green



Gets the job done but works better as a liner then a pad

Item type:Small / Black

Simone M.


Besides the great absorption and staying in place, it is way more comfortable than the traditional pads.

Georgina K.


I bought one of these to try them out and ended up buying 3 more in different sizes because of how good these work. WFH has made it much easier for me to go to the bathroom and change these when it's time and also handwash and line dry them right then and there. Lastpads are very absorbent, have a great discreet design and dry really well. I can usually use them the next day. Love that I'm not contributing to more environmental waste and the colors and bags are cute too! Highly recommend!

Noelle N.


I love to use these pads. I was worried they would leak as I have tried period underwear in the past that hasn't worked but these are great! I will definitely get more!! Work great and totally recommend <33

Rachael M.


I ordered the reusable pads. I love them, but the velcro hurts. I replaced it with snaps. Now it's perfect.

Monica W.


I would love this product if I could make the little hook circle more comfortable. The pads fit very well and are reliable in doing their job. They wash easily and dry quickly enough to enable me to wear one and change each day. The little hook circle shifts a very short distance and ends up to scratch my leg as I walk. It does not stop me from using them but they would be perfect if it did not happen.



Super absorbent and unlike other reusable pads these have a nice silicone type of material in a line on the bottom of the pad so it won’t move around a whole lot in your undies. 10/10 will be buying more

Item type:Medium / Red

Linda S.


it is very comfortable and easy to use and wash. using traditional pads has irritated my skin in the past, so with LastPad, I no longer have to worry about it!

Elizabeth W.


I really liked that the smallest liner was so lightweight that I could wash it in the evening and it would be dry in the morning for use again, without the need of a hot dryer. They are so small and compact, they are easy to store and carry with me. I did find that they needed the underwear they were attached to to have some structure themselves to truly stay in place, but otherwise they were perfect!



I've in had no leakage when using this. I bought the smallest size because I use a menstrual cup, but it has worked great for anything that gets through! When secured to underwear, it surprisingly doesn't slide around or move. It's very compact, and I love that it's so much quieter than the wrappers on disposable pads because it's cloth. I bought two, so when I'm done with one, I put on the other and rinse out the used one in the sink. Then I wash it out with some soap and set it aside to dry. The black color is great and you can still see where any leakage happened onto the pad, which is great! I'm planning on buying a bigger size, because these are very small. If you are only going to be using a pad, and no tampons or menstrual cups, I'd definitely get a bigger size!

Item type:Small / Black

Zukhra P.


Sooo easy! Very comfortable and not bulky at all. You just forget about it! Easy to clean and the black means you don’t see anything which I personally love. Very absorbent and no wet feeling

Danni T.


I've had these a couple of months now. Needed to use them a few times before I could say I love them. And I LOVE them!

Natalie R.


Love the LastPads. Absorbent, easy to clean, and love that they’re black so you don’t see stains. The wings on the small pads, unfortunately, don’t really fit well as the wings bunch up the gusset, causing them to slide up and down and not stay in place. The medium and large ones are great, though; extending the wings on the small pads would be perfect!

Stanza Perry


I bought last pad during their kickstarter. After being a user of reusable pads for nearly 10 years, and trying multiple brands, LastPad is the best I’ve found so far. The only two things I don’t like is: 1. They are black. I can’t see the blood to know if I should change them or not, or how know heavy my cycle is. 2. The small size is too small and doesn’t stay in place. However, these 2 consta are overshadowed by all the things I like: 1. The blood absorbs down without staying on the surface of the pad. 2. No leaks. 3. Wings attach with Velcro - as someone whose bike is a primary mode of transportation, those pads with snaps were painful. This is the first brand I’ve found that uses Velcro which is why I supported the kickstarter. 4. The large size is big enough and shaped well for overnight protection. 5. The medium size is perfect for daily wear.



I love almost everything about the last pad. It’s not bulky, it’s comfortable but even with the silicone strip it doesn’t stay in place if you are going for a walk. It doesn’t move completely out of place but you do lose some important coverage. I’d still recommend them and I’ll keep using them. Love it!

Lisa M.


Using the pads are really easy, and cleaning and drying as well.



Thank god I found these! I’ve been using reusable pads for a while but kept going back to single use because the fabric would get gross and never felt clean. Not to mention the bulky diaper feeling, the pad constantly spinning or sliding causing leaks. But the LastPad really is the perfect fit for me! I’m on my second cycle with them and they are honestly perfect!. They don’t move, even when doing my exercise bike or going on long hilly walks. I’m not sure how they are so thin while being perfectly absorbent but they are. Even the overnight pad is thin and doesn’t feel like a diaper. And the velcro fastener is 10/10. It doesn’t scratch or itch me, and is flat so it isn’t noticeable at all. I’ve already been telling my friends about them! Thank you LastObject!



These are, hands down, the best reusable pads out there. Comfortable, no smell, no stains, no leaks! And the individual pouches are a game changer.

Ana R.


Brilliant! The liner stays put and does t feel bulky or uncomfortable. I can wear all day and hardly notice it’s there! The silicone strips help positioning and the storage bag is a really nice touch!

Jen M.


I'm really happy with my bundle of mixed sizes and they are working out greatly! I will never go back to disposable pads. I love that I no longer get pad rash! But, I would rather have snaps over Velcro just because it chafe my thighs. And sometimes depending on what my pants are made out of, the Velcro sticks to the material.



Really nothing to complain about. Comfortable to wear, even at night, no leakage and easy to hand wash. Will be ordering more!

Veronika S.


Bought as stocking fillers for my daughters who loved the Last Tissues last year

Kirsten T.


these stay put better and are shaped better than others.

Laura P.


I bought one of each version & an thoroughly impressed with them all! Got both my mum & MIL to buy their own as well!



I am so happy with these, I have tried other ones and these are the best I have tried!

Melissa D.


I love these although I no longer experience my period. I wear them as daily panty liners. They are comfortable and efficient. I always hand wash mine so they won’t break down as fast. At times I wash them in the machine on hand wash setting in a mesh fine washable bag. I must admit that I wear a regular one if I’m wearing a short skirt. I’m concerned that it may be noticeable. The Velcro closure hangs away from my panties.



I ordered medium and large sizes of the LastPad and in general have been enjoying them, but they definitely have some room to improve :) The material is great, I haven't had any of the scratchiness that other reviewers have noticed (maybe it's because I wear fairly snug leggings most of the time?) and they are very absorbent and don't seem to smell as much as my other cotton reusable pads that I got these to supplement/replace. Because of two problems, however, I can't completely replace my old pads with these. First, the black color is very unfortunate, I would love to see at least a general outline of how saturated the pad is. I agree with another user who suggested a dusky rose or medium grey color. Because I can't see the saturation level, I also run into problems with the side flaps and leakage. I have found that the side flap design is nice for keeping things snug but aren't the last line of defense against an overflow that many other reusable pad flaps are. With my cotton pads I can tell when an overflow is happening because I start to feel wetness on the flaps, which is usually enough of a heads-up that I can save my clothes. With these I can't get a good sense of the saturation levels and can't feel the wetness on the flaps, so I actually had the first real leak in years because of it. Again, I would probably not even be typing this if I could see my saturation levels, but with the black pads it's definitely something that caught me off guard. I do enjoy them still, though. I have had no issues with the silicone slipping since I use the pads with my snugger undies and they are very comfortable. If they were to come in a different color I would very likely replace the rest of my pads.



I love the two larger pads , great sizing and no concerns stay in place. The smallest one I purchased is just too small and uncomfortable. It would have bee n nice if the length was longer so didn't feel like riding up.

Nicole S.


I bought all 3 sizes because my menstruation ranges from a light hint of color to a look of carnage. My daughter ended up taking all but one of the small size because she liked them so much. As far as the pads go, My problem is with the dark black color. My problem is the opposite of the Last Rounds which we both own which are white. The LastRounds show dirt too much and become dingy & stained. However, the black of the LastPads hides the blood or liquid too well so that I over-bled and stained my underwear several times because I couldn’t tell they had become over saturated apparently. I wish they were a dark gray or dark pink/fuchsia to hide stains, but also so you can see saturation levels of bodily fluids. Other than I’ve found that they aren’t absorbent enough for me or I have to buy more because I have to change them several times a day during heavy menstruation days. Thank you. We like all your products. I wish I had bought more (twice as much!) when I first bought them!



I am in love. Definitely don't judge these on just first day using. It took a couple days for the learning curve to kick in. I have gone through a full use; wearing, washing, air drying. These are wonderful! I have had no issues of scratching or irritation. They are extremely comfortable and so much better than anything I've used before. They washed up great and didn't leave any smell. And felt brand new after wash and dried. Definitely recommend, I am highly impressed. I'm a bigger girl, and they work great, even for I said, it takes a couple days for adjustment, but once you figure out how to use them, they are PERFECT.

Cheyenne N Woods


I really love this product, and it is amazing. Far more absorbent and odor eliminating that disposable pads. The only problem that I have encountered is that the top and bottom of the normal and Long(overnight/heavy) pads are not secure so they can slide/move/fold over during use. The silicone strip on the back helps, but an additional attach/securing point would be extremally helpful.

Dawn H.


The pad surface is extremely comfortable, and overall the pad is not bulky. The two silicone strips help it stay positioned better than other reusable pads I've tried. The problem is the overall width of the pad. The light ones would be the perfect width for the underwear my 11 year old wears, and there's no way they'll fit on mine. Even the heavy ones are not terribly wide, which makes the velcro circle on the underside get pulled weirdly when the 'wings' are fastened together. And the edge of velcro scratches. If there were a small pocket of fabric to cover this I'd say these are just about perfect.

Rebekah Verbeten


I tried them once and already love them. I am not going back to regular pads, that are bad for environment and the skin. The LastPad can be brought anywhere by carrying it in the purse, It is easy to use, and easy to clean.

Ailin T.


Compared to the generic brand reusable pads I've been using for a couple years: LastPad looks and feels a LOT less bulky than the reusable pads I was using before. Surprisingly absorbent considering this lack of bulk. It felt easier to rinse out after use and it seems to dry faster too; this is good cuz it helps with the odor, but still does retain that iron-y blood smell even after washing... I thought that the silicone bits would serve as that "sticker" effect that disposable pads have, but this feature didn't really work for me. It stays put well enough though, so I'm not fussed about that. The problem is, what am I going to do with my old reusable pads, cuz I'm definitely not going back to them!



A fabulous reusable product that I can take with me and change when needed. The pads stay put, and they are easy to wash and dry. I do recommend that when washing, use a mesh laundry bag to keep them from getting caught with other clothes or lost in the laundry.

Alexandra M.


I've only gotten to use these for one cycle but overall they where pretty good. They did feel slightly uncomfortable but I dont have anything to compare them to as they're my first reusable pad I've purchased.