Laundry Bag

The LastObject Laundry Bag is an eco-friendly and sustainable washing bag for your rounds, tissues, and whatever else fits.

The Small Laundry Bag is an eco-friendly and sustainable washing bag for your LastObject Products.
Save money & the environment
Domestic & plastic-free delivery
The Sustainable Material Choice

How to Use

Easy to Use & Easy to Clean

Step 1. Find It

Find your Laundry Bag. Remember to recycle the cardboard packaging.

Step 2. Fill It

Fill your Laundry Bag with LastRounds, LastTissues, or small things you otherwise need to wash

Step 3. Wash It

Throw it in with your laundry and wash as usual.

Federico R.


Practical and easy to use. Cleans just as well as normal detergent, uses less space and makes less of a mess. Hoping that they release a softener line!

Sigrún S.


I like it but it is to expencis for usin Iceland

Lucia C.


This is a great product! I find my laundry well cleaned and fresh. Even with dirty and smelly clothing 1 sheet and a half is more than enough. This is a good product as it comes with objective advantages and especially no mode heavy bottles and plastic waste!

Magnús Karel H.


Very good

Vera K.


This is something I’ve been looking for. No plastic, washes really well. I suggest this for everyone!



Works as intended.

Item type:Small / Beige

Hannah F.


SO glad I added this to my order. As soon as I use my LastRounds, I throw them in this bag and just add it to my laundry. So convenient & helps me stay on top of washing my LastRounds weekly!

Item type:Small / Beige



Good size, somewhat prone to opening up mid wash unless I get fancy with the knots



Great laundry bag have no worries of this lasting.

Item type:Small / Beige

Mirja T.


It was easy

Angela V.


I got the big laundry bag and it's very useful. I use it for lace lingerie and other sensitive fabrics. I highly recommend it!



Used on my laundry yesterday! I love it!!!

Item type:Default Title

Lorela C.


I really love my little laundry bag! Very useful and good quality.

Item type:Small / Beige

Anna H.


Easy to idé, easy to store!



Didn’t think I was gonna love these as much as I expected to! I HATE cleaning out jugs of detergent, not only are they a pain to recycle and wash out, they are so bad for the environment! These are small, but actually smell a lot better too I’ve noticed! And so much kinder to your skin! It’s a win win! Def will purchase again I’m hooked

Item type:Default Title



Really amazing product, works great

Item type:Default Title

Léa D.


Efficient laundry sheets and super customer service !

Carly H.


It's larger than I was expecting, but now I can put more things in it to wash!

Sanna L.


When ordered them, I didn’t realize how much I’m going to love them. They are so easy to storage and use. And they leave no plastic behind them!!

Susanna U.


Good product.

Alexander V.


So far so good. Haven’t seen it how it works on stains yet but it looks promising. Not sure I like the fact it has travelled half way around the globe from China where it’s made potentially defeating the purpose of it being sustainable.

Maria F.


It comes in two packs of 30 sheets each. I've used it on all types of clothes, but, especially on sports clothes, I noticed a significant improvement compared to the liquid detergent I used before.

Pascal L.


Love it!

Linn v.


I received my laundry sheets several weeks ago and have been using them ever since. Before I started using the laundry sheets, I used tide pods, but I love that this product is environmentally friendly, the packaging is recyclable, and the detergent itself has no harmful chemicals or sense.

Tonje Lynch H.


I love the idea of it. I’m not sure how well it works just yet as I am just starting to use it. I’m not sure that one sheet is enough to do my large loads so I use two. I’m older so I’m from the old school of “shouldn’t this smell fresher”. I like the smell of fresh laundry so I need to get used to unscented products. I am determined to change all the products I use and this is a great start. I don’t know if it works on the tough stuff yet so I will let you know.

Lynette F.


Super easy to use. Clothes come out clean. The environment is protected! Easy choice!

Kathleene C.


I am pleasantly surprised with the laundry detergent. It is truly unscented. I have a small front load washer and have found that half a sheet is perfect at cleaning the laundry. The box keeps the sheets nice and tidy and takes up little space. We take the sheets with us when traveling, as we are so sensitive to perfumes. Plus, I’ve even used small pieces to hand wash individual items.



Very, very small for a “laundry bag”. I bought one for myself and one for my fiancé and was totally surprised to see that they can maybe fit 5 potatoes let alone a “laundry bag” worth of clothing.

Carol L.


All my washing is cleaner and whiter. I recommend this fantastic product . Think of all the plastic bottles that detergent uses . With these sheets even the Box Is degradable . Try them , you won’t be disappointed ! 💕



I love them! Clean well, and the guilt of laundry detergent bottles is gone. I am definitely ordering more- thank you



Nice large sized wash bag that I use to cleany Swedish dishcloths in... it seemed too big for just the facial rounds

Oriane C.


Espetacular. Adoro, é super grande o que é ótimo, pois é possível usar para lavar vários itens ao mesmo tempo

Christine P.


Convenient and seem to work great

janel h allen


I was curious, I’d heard about laundry detergent sheets but I hadn’t tried them so when I saw these I thought nows the time and I was pleasantly surprised at how good a job they did .. I dont have particularly dirty clothes or towels but two cats and a dog keep my bedding needing laundering every week and these laundry sheets did as good a job as my old fashioned pod laundry detergent .. I am a convert

Caitlin D.


Love it! Gives me impectable clean clothes, while supporting the environment. The package is small and welldesigned and save space in my cabinet. Buying the detergent sheets on subscription saves my time. Love it!

Daryl E.


Easy easy easy easy

Catia G.


I bought the 12x12 size and it’s large and sturdy enough to put small clothing items in. The material feels high quality, I like that it’s more of a strong woven material than a thin mesh like most laundry bags. I’ve only used it once so far but I have a good feeling this bag will last me a long time, it looks very well-made.

Anne-Sophie A.


So glad I could find an eco friendly alternative for my laundry detergent! So far, so good: it washes my clothes and sheets very well.

Hedvig P.


I like these. They dissolve quickly and cleanly, and work well with my laundry booster. I would, however, like a refillable container for them; something a bit more sturdy than cardboard, but that's not a big deal. It seemed a little odd to hand wash with them as I was expecting more suds, but they cleaned as well or better than my former detergent (puracy) and are much lighter and much more compact. They solve several issues in my limited space, and I will continue to buy them.

Kajsa K.


These detergent sheets are easy to use, clean thoroughly without beating up you clothes and I am never going back to regular laundry detergent! I highly, highly recommend them!