LastSwab Original

Die originale, wiederverwendbare und nachhaltige Alternative zu Wattestäbchen. Einfach zu bedienen und leicht zu reinigen. Das Etui besteht aus recyceltem Ocean Bound Plastic. Ein LastSwab ersetzt +1000 Einweg-Stäbchen.
Die originale, wiederverwendbare und nachhaltige Alternative zu Wattestäbchen. Einfach zu bedienen und leicht zu reinigen.

Save money & the environment
Domestic & plastic-free delivery
The Sustainable Material Choice

The problem with single-use swabs

Why Use LastSwab?

Save Marine Life

Using LastSwab helps decrease plastic pollution in our oceans, safeguarding marine creatures from ingesting harmful waste.

Combat the Waste Crisis

Embracing LastSwab prevents thousands of single-use cotton swabs from ending up in landfills, making a real difference in waste reduction.

Conserve Resources

Opting for LastSwab conserves water, energy, and raw materials required in the production of disposable cotton swabs

Join the Eco-Friendly Movement

By choosing LastSwab, you join a global community committed to sustainability, making a collective positive impact on the environment.

How to Use

Easy to Use & Easy to Clean

Step 1. Store It

Always keep your swab in the case to make it last longer. Bring with you or store in your bathroom.

Step 2. Use It

Take the swab out of the case and use it. Clean your ears, separate eyelashes, apply ointments or however you normally use swabs.

Step 3. Clean It

Clean the tips with soap and water. Use soap and water or hand sanitizer to clean the case.

Step 4. Pop It

Pop the swab back into the case for safe-keeping. The swab can dry inside the case.


Grab Your Favorite Swab!

LastSwab Original

A swab with bumps, perfect for cleaning ears.

LastSwab Beauty

A swab with two sides for correcting and perfecting makeup.

LastSwab Baby

A swab with a protective child-proof tips.


2 Inch Closer to a Better and Cleaner Future

Footprint Facts*

Product Life Cycle Is Validated by a 3rd Party
  • LastSwab is 8.3 X better for the environment**
  • Reduces carbon footprint (CO2) by 83%
  • Reduces water consumption by 92%
  • Reduces primary energy demand by 80%
  • After just 35 uses, you break even with CO2 emissions

*Compared to single-use swabs

**Considering all 22 environmental categories

Care for Your Case

The case made of Ocean Bound Plastic is sturdy and will last for about five years.

How to give your case a long life:

1. Keep your case and only replace your LastSwab with LastSwab Refill.

2. Keep the case away from direct sunlight.

3. Avoid using too much water when cleaning the case - use hand sanitiser instead.

After a long and happy life, the case can be recycled with hard plastic.

The World’s First Reusable Alternative to Cotton Swabs

Stick to Reusables

After a long and happy life, the LastSwab case can be recycled together with plastic. The rod is a mix of materials and can be sent in with the Pact Collective Recycling program (US/Canada). The cardboard packaging can enjoy a new life by recycling it with cardboard.

Virginia D.


I bought this as a Christmas gift for my offspring and they love it. Looking to buy one for myself now.

Item type:Original / Turquoise

Susannë B.


It is different to a disposable swab, because it is not absorbent. But with a little ingenuity it is working well.

Item type:Original / Blue

Amélie M.


Amazing! The product corresponds to the description. It works very well for liners and kohl. simply remove the product residue from the cotton swab with each pass and it works wonderfully. I recommend !

Item type:Beauty / Turquoise

Veronica L.


Fantastico! Very satisfied!

Item type:Original / Turquoise

Liana S.


Expensive but ecological, useful, with amazing design. Makes me feel good about myself 😉

Item type:Original / Ocean


I love this thing! It doesn't absorb moisture but it's very comfortable to use

Item type:Original / Turquoise

Caroline B.


Perfect 😍

Item type:Original / Wildflower

Jennifer R.


I love the softness and the fact that you are helping to save the environment!

Item type:Original / Ocean

Beka S.


I bought one for each of the women in my family and one for my boyfriend who drives a truck. Any space saver is welcome in a semi! They feel great and though it’s not absorbent the little nubs still trap water after a shower! Love it!

Item type:Original / Red


I bought them so i could reuse it for cleaning ears, but it is too hard to use for that so I don’t have a use for it

Item type:Mix / Green



Not sure about this one maybe I need the make-up version....

Item type:Original / Turquoise



It doesn't clean my ears as well as disposable Q-tips, and it doesn't serve any other purpose to me (like Q-tips would). So overall, I am not really satisfied with the switch.

Item type:Original / Red

Giorgia S.


the idea is great, but those buds are too big, at least for my ear. If I want to reach the depths I reach with cotton buds, I really need to hurt myself. They would probably wear out over time but I'm not drawn to use them. They should be the size of normal buds, comprehensive of those little pegs, not with the pegs on top. I will anyway try another shape because I really like the idea.

Item type:Original / Turquoise



Never received the item.

Item type:Original / Red

Donna B.


These are great, feel like I'm helping the environment but they are a bit stiff.

Item type:Mix / Turquoise

Ilaria S.



Item type:Original / Red



Love these things

Item type:Original / Green



Love these things

Item type:Original / Red



Love these things

Item type:Original / Peach

René B.


Could not try and it, I never received it 😡

Item type:Original / Peach

Jessica F.


Been using this for a couple of years now. Great for travel and so contagious when friends and family see me pull it out, use it, clean it and store it away to reuse over and over again!

Item type:Original / Red



Great product!

Item type:Original / Turquoise

Evelyn B.


Hesitant at first but it is easy to use and to clean, I like that I am helping environment in a small way.

Item type:Original / Turquoise



I bought this to remove eye makeup. It’s bumpy and uncomfortable and a hard material, though. The swab has to be rinsed off multiple times in order to get more eye makeup off, and it takes some time to finish the job. It might be good for other purposes, but I think it’s pretty tough to remove makeup with this if you’re used to a regular cotton swab.

Item type:Original / Turquoise



Wonderful, but won’t work if you need absorption

Item type:Original / Green



Case a little flimsy, but interesting and pretty, the qtip is amazing

Item type:Original / Blue



love the case for it, so happy i finally got it!

Item type:Original / Green

Miriam V.


Una maravilla y se ahorra un monton me encanta !!!

Item type:Original / Turquoise



I love the way it is recybbppp

Item type:Beauty / Peach



fantastic, buying for my friends and family

Item type:Original / Blue

Henriette J.


This little gem is perfect for cleaning up any make-up smudges. It is even a lot better than its for-father the cotton-swab. And its little house means it can easily live in my make-up bag so I always have it with me. I'm in LOVE!

Item type:Beauty / Red

Sara S.


Great!Green and useful solution!

Item type:Baby / Green

Kaitlyn L.


I love this swab! I am constantly getting the area around my eyes a mess from mascara and fall out of eyeshadow and this Lastswab has saved me so much time! It’s so easy to use and I love that it’s reusable

Item type:Beauty / Red



Not very useful for removing moisture from my ears after a shower. Waste of money for me.

Item type:Original / Blue



I thought I would like this, and find it useful in addition to eliminating waste. However, it really doesn’t absorb the moisture in my ear after a shower, so I ended up using a q-tip anyway. If you only use q-tips for cleaning your ear, and not to remove moisture, then maybe it might be useful. But if you have any accumulated ear wax, I don’t think it would be soft enough to do much good.

Item type:Beauty / Peach

Lorela C.


I love it! It is very easy to swab and then clean! Is very good option both for make-up and ears cleaning! 👍🏻

Item type:Beauty / Turquoise

Zhenya G.


Was hoping this trio was more for removing/tidying up make up application but it’s for applying makeup and I use professional brushes so I’m disappointed in my purchase selection.

Item type:Black



Very cool colors.

Item type:Original / Green

Ifigeneia K.



Item type:Original / Peach



Great ideas, great products, this is easy to keep clean.

Item type:Original / Turquoise