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Black Friday? How About Green November!
November 6, 2020 · Aaron Burr

Black Friday? How About Green November!

Welcome to Green November!

For every product sold during the month of November we will prevent 1kg/2lbs of plastic from entering the ocean.

In order to do this, we will be partnering with PlasticBank. PlasticBank cleans up the ocean by removing plastic all while helping coastal communities earn a living. The plastic is even turned into products through their program called Social Plastic.


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For more info on PlasticBank, check it out here!

So, of course any amount of plastic cleaned up this month will be amazing, but our goal is to divert 10,000kg or 20,000lbs! Can we do it? Well that depends on our community’s participation!

Tell your friends, and share it around!

As many of us know, a lot of problems with the environment are exacerbated by the overconsumption of consumer goods. Which is why we pride ourselves at LastObject on saying if someone doesn’t have a need for our product then it is of course more sustainable to simply not buy it.

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Black Friday shopping has been the epitome of overconsumption. With sales too good to pass up driving up more and more consumption, we at LastObject are aiming to do things differently. Instead of simply selling more products, we also want to divert more plastic from the ocean!

LastSwab, both the general ear cleaning version and the beauty makeup version, is a great stocking stuffer or just an all around great gift! LastTissue, given that winter is officially here, can be great for those runny noses, colds, or messes! Especially with cleanliness being a huge priority lately. 

So pick up LastSwab or LastTissue, whether it’s for you or for a gift to someone. Or, maybe both...since we’ve all had that guilty pleasure when purchasing gifts. You gotta give some gifts to yourself once in a while!

Holiday shopping can be meaningful, it can be intentional, and it can also have a positive impact!

Black Friday, is out. And Green November, is in!