Why This can be All our Fight


So maybe there are some of us out there who are a bit skeptical about making environmentalism their fight.

Sure, it makes sense to make certain decisions that are less wasteful, less stressful, and that save money. We can get behind those things pretty easily. But dang, do we really feel like changing many of our actions mostly (if not solely) for the environment?🌎

Hopefully, after reading this article we will have some more motivation to make these changes.

Everything we do is possible because of the planet









What do you like to do?

Whether it be for fun, or your passion, or your day to day “duty”.

Whether it be biking, hiking, hunting, or reading, watching tv, or travelling the world, every single thing is made possible because of the earth.

 💵Making money, whether it be the paper that money is printed on, or the economy that’s required for it, all exists because of the earth.

Our clothes, our home, our medicine, all exist because of the earth.

Maybe the things you really care about weren’t really mentioned above, but the truth is nothing on this earth would exist without the earth, obviously.

This planet is an insanely unique one, whether that be somehow explained by science or whatever you believe in.

This place is special. And it’s allowed us to do all the amazing things that we’ve done.💚

Everything we do either makes the planet worse or better








Just like the list of things which are made possible because of the planet, the activities we take part in which impact the planet is also an endless list.

Since just by living we are impacting the earth, we all have a stake in the problems the earth (and therefore we) is (are) having.

Our parents hopefully raised us to 🧹clean up after ourselves, and at the very least that is what we should be doing for the planet. And when we are unable to clean up, like for example air pollution, then we should be attempting to not make a mess in the first place.

Taking responsibility for our actions is just a part of growing up, and once we’ve learned that our actions have impacted the earth negatively, it’s maybe time for a change.

Well there you have it, it’s as simple as that. We could probably bog these ideas down with a lot more words to make it seem more complex and smart, but what’s the point in that?

We need more simple thinking in regards to the environment. Everything we do is possible because of the planet, and everything we do also has an impact on the planet. 🌳Simply because we are inextricably connected to it. 

Once we’ve come to understand and acknowledge this, all that’s left to do is to get into the specifics on how we are having an impact. So then, we can reduce our negative impact and increase our positive one.👍