We've Come a Long Way, and It's Okay to Celebrate That


It’s great to see us as a society come so far from how poorly we used to treat the planet.🌏

Most of us care about the environment so much that it feels like a bad thing to celebrate our victories, especially when we know how much more work there is to do.

But take a breath. And look around at how far we’ve come.💚

Major cities in much of Europe, the US, and Asia had air that was once unbreathable by basic standards today. Waters were polluted, even unswimmable. And living conditions, for wildlife and humans, were in general very poor.

Now, we are once again starting to care immensely about where our food 🐮comes from, as well as how it was grown or raised. Our air quality is great for the most part. Clean waters are becoming the new normal, and dams are even being removed in order to return rivers back to normal.








Air polluting fossil fuels are on the decline, while cleaner energies are on the rise.🌞 And industries that are traditionally very polluting have more environmental regulations on them than ever before. Regulations aside, consumers are simply demanding more ethical practices through who they choose to give their money to.

🏜Desertified and deforested areas are being regrown and given back to nature, and more and more food is being grown in a way that actually regenerates soil instead of degrading it.








And best of all, 🗺roadmaps to a better future are becoming more and more clear while becoming seemingly more and more attainable.

Everything, such as consumer trends, energy trends, and simplifying seems to be slowly getting better. And while it may not be quick enough to combat climate change (and its effects) getting worse, it is reassuring and enlightening to see.

Take it all in, we’ve done so much. Our actions haven’t been for no reason, they have made an impact, and they will continue to do so.








It’s great that this movement is so passionate and forward thinking, once we achieve one goal, it’s onto the next one. But we have to take care of ourselves too! And part of that is accepting the little victories along the way.💪

Because how can we carry on achieving these amazing goals if we aren’t taking care of our health, mentally or physically?

We can’t! Or at least we can’t in the long run.








If we are to practice and preach sustainability, we must also apply that to our own lives in regards to work load and health. If we are burning the 🕯candle at both ends, is that sustainable? Can we do that forever? Probably not. And how is the world going to benefit if our work all of a sudden stops? It won’t.

Just like sustainability, our path must be about balance, otherwise it won’t work. 

In a world of constant go go go and push push push, we are likely to burn out if we aren’t careful. So, pat yourself on the back. You’re doing so great!

And once you’re recharged and ready to push on, don't worry...the work will still be here for you.😉