3 Steps to a Zero Waste Bathroom


Ah yes, the bathroom.🚽 A place where most of us may start our day. It’s a place to clean ourselves, to relieve ourselves, and get us ready to put our best foot forward...as they say.

Because it’s oftentimes where we spend our first minutes of the day, our bathroom has the potential to have a large impact on not only our day, but our lifestyle as well. 

🍔Much like it’s harder to eat poorly right after a good exercise, it will be a little harder to be wasteful after starting our days zero waste.🚮

Step 1: Look around

👀Look in your trash, look around for disposable containers or packaging, look around for plastics, and look around for things that are single use. 

A major part of zero waste and eco friendly living is by simply asking questions and being intentional. It starts by asking whether or not this product could be bought as a zero waste version, or whether or not we even need it!

It starts by being more mindful about the stuff we bring into places such as our bathrooms. And what stuff we keep there. And we will get there by simply looking at our stuff in a new light. 🕯 

Step 2: Get rid of the things you never use

These are the things that won’t need a replacement. Which means you can just get rid of them right away.

Now, maybe this actually creates more waste initially, but by decluttering our spaces we tend to not want to bring a bunch of more stuff (that is usually packaged or single use) back into our space. The power of decluttering not only leads to a less stressful life, but a less wasteful one as well. 

Step 3: Replace single use things with reusable, zero waste options

🙌🏽Now the fun part. We can take the list we built from looking around in our bathroom and use it to replace single use or packaged items with reusable or unpackaged ones. Once those products run out of course. If we bought them, we might as well use them first. Or else, that is just more waste in itself.

Some things to think about switching over to are:

  • ⛲️A bidet
    • This can reduce massive amounts of toilet paper which requires water, energy, and pumps out emissions. Check out TUSHY for a very streamlined bidet that is easy to install. That company is creating cleaner down-unders, helping the environment, all while having fun in the process. 
  • Wash cloths instead of paper towels
  • LastTissue instead of single use versions
  • 👂LastSwab basic and or beauty
  • Plastic free, long lasting deodorant like Nuud
  • 🧼Solid versions of  body soaps, shampoos, conditioners
    • You can make your own or buy from zero waste shops.
  • 🦷Zero waste toothpaste like the ones from Bite!
  • Safety razors or other long lasting razors with recyclable blades like the ones from Leaf!
  • LastTissue 
  • Zero Waste mouthwash tablets like the ones from humankind.
  • Biodegradable floss

There may be more things you are noticing that are single use or packaged. That’s great! This list is more intended to be some ideas to get us thinking.🤔 But if you notice something not on the list, go ahead and search for a replacement. Because all our bathrooms are different and our sustainable journeys will always look different from others.🌍 

Most of the changes we make that work for us will come from being more intentional with what we decide to keep, not keep, bring into our lives, and not bring into our lives.

Some of us may never even use mouthwash, or we do very rarely, but maybe we brush our teeth a couple times a day. In that case zero waste toothpaste is more important than mouthwash. 🪒Some may not shave at all, so a zero waste razor may not help much.

We at LastObject can provide lists, information, and ideas to get the thoughts flowing, but at the end of the day it is up to us as individuals to apply those strategies to fit our lives, and no one else's.👗

Written by Aaron Burr 

A writer dedicated to working solely with companies on a mission to help the earth and people on it.