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We are dedicated to make quality products, that are safe and beneficial for both human health and the environment.

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Reusable & refillable personal care without the plastic waste.

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No water, no plastic jugs. Easy to use, with minimal waste.

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Our reusable alternatives to single-use items.

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More Than 4,000
5 Star Reviews.

With the support of our amazing customers we’ve eliminated more than 3,000,000,000 single-use items. As well as graced us more than 4,000 5 star reviews.

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No more wasting cotton rounds, these are reusable and practical.


Sustainability meets quality, perfect for my skincare routine.


Compact and comfy, makes removing makeup or applying toner a breeze.


“I used the same cotton swab for a week and to be honest, I sort of loved it”

“Cute, and incredibly sustanable alternatives for hard-to-replace bathroom essentials”

“This startup wants its reusable menstrual pad to be the last period product you ever need”

“I used the same cotton swab for a week and to be honest, I sort of loved it”


Sustainability Mission

Your choices. Your habits. They create your world, and collectively, ours.
They say habits die hard, but we say that's just habitual thinking.
After all, change a single habit and you change your life.
Change your life, and you might just change the world.

To make it big, we started small.
With cotton swabs.

The average person uses 415 swabs a year. Billions if you include us all.
But what if you used ones made to last?
What if you did the same for cotton rounds, tissues …
What if you refilled hand washes, body washes, cleaning products.

Change those little habits, and who knows where it might lead?
We’re on a mission to disrupt the single use industry.
The Last thing we need is you.

changing the world one habit at a time.

Read more about our mission here

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It all started with Kickstarter!

LastObject is a Danish company created by siblings Isabel and Nicolas Aagaard, and their friend Kåre Frandsen. They were fed up by the single-use culture and the industry that so shamelessly creates new ways to destroy the environment.

So LastSwab was born, and since then we create reusable products that bring happiness and pride when you use them. Join the movement and change the future of the world!